Upcoming Events

K-3 Allstars Indoor Playground Trip

On Thursday, May 19th, Winfield students in grades K-3 will be spending the day at Edmonton's largest indoor playground.  Children will be able to experience different climbing, sliding, running, jumping, tumbling and many other physical activities in a fun environment designed specifically for them. 

The cost of this trip will be $11.  This will include the admission fee, pizza lunch and unlimited pop.  Allstars playground is providing 12 large pizzas - 6 cheese and 6 pepperoni - so there should be plenty for everyone!

Bussing for this trip has been made available through a generous donation by Buck Mountain Gas Co-op Ltd.  We greatly appreciate their contribution for the benefit of our students.  Field trips such as this one would not be possible without the support and generosity of our community members like Buck Mountain Gas.  Thank you very much.

The bus will be leaving the school at about 9:00am, then leaving Allstars at about 2:00pm. 


Austin O'Brian Band Performance

On Friday, June 3rd, the Austin O’Brien Senior Concert Ensemble will be traveling around Alberta on their second ever 'BIG THINGS Alberta Band Tour'!  They will be bringing about 40 students, performing on all the band instruments from flutes and trumpets to saxophones, trombones, and tubas.  They are a fun, lively group who enjoys interacting with the audience, featuring light-hearted music from the movies and popular culture.  They have toured and performed all over North America, with featured shows all the way from Disneyland in California to Disneyworld in Florida.  


Year End Wetaskiwin Swimming Pool Trip

On Monday, June 13th, all students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 will be heading to Wetaskiwin to spend some time swimming, enjoying the water slides and having a pizza lunch.  

We will be leaving the school right after attendance, to arrive in Wetaskiwin for 10:00am.  Students will be able to swim and use the water slides until 12:00pm.  We will then head off to Boston Pizza in Wetaskiwin for a pizza lunch.

As this is a Monday, it is not a regularly scheduled Kindergarten day.  We hope that our Kindergarten families will be able to join us.

Any student 7 and under will need to be accompanied by an adult, the adult and student will need to remain within an arm’s reach throughout the swim. The ratio of adults to swimmers is 1:4.  We ask that if your child is under the age of 7, that you send an adult to swim with them.  

Upon our arrival at the Manluk Centre they will ask that we all sit on the bleachers on the pool deck where a lifeguard will explain all of the rules. When they finish with the rules they will move on to completing swim tests. They will do the swim test at the very beginning of the swim with the whole group for those that wish to go into the deep end. Students that do not wish to go into the deep end and off the diving board will not have to complete the swim test. Manluk Centre will also have lifejackets available for those who do not pass the swim test.

Costs for this trip will be confirmed once we have all the details.

Bussing for this fieldtrip was made possible by the Winfield Parent Council.  Their fundraising efforts throughout the year make fieldtrips like this possible.  We greatly appreciate the hard work and dedication of those individuals on Parent Council.  We also appreciate all the donations throughout the year by our parents, guardians and community towards our fundraising activities.