Collaborative Response

Collaborative Response at Winfield School

Collaborative Response is a school framework that values collaborative, action focused responses, data-informed discussions, and timely support to ensure all students can experience success. Join the hundreds of schools and districts embracing Collaborative Response as an organizational mindset to respond to the needs of students, while enhancing the professional capacity and collective efficacy across the entire school or system! (from

Collaborative Response focuses on 4 Core Beliefs:

  • All students can succeed
  • Teachers make the greatest impact on student learning
  • Schools cannot achieve high levels of success when adults work in isolation
  • Leadership is responsible for enabling structures for collaboration

With these Core Beliefs in mind, staff at Winfield school have created a system of collaborative meetings in which supports and strategies can be openly discussed that improve student achievement and well-being.  Teachers are able to meet nearly every week to plan and create interventions; discuss previous interventions and provide feedback, and ensure that no student's individual needs are ever missed.  Our guiding principle is that every student deserves a team!

The outline of meetings can be here: Overview for Collaborative Response Team Meetings